Hi! I'm Kieran

A writer and digital marketing specialist

My work includes delivering 3M+ words
over a decade 
in published interviews and
marketing communications for media houses
and clients.

Discover how smarter content marketing
can improve your brand presence 
as a founder or marketing executive
looking for high value growth.

Featured Articles

Explore a featured selection of my writing work below.

Stitching through Social Injustice in the US

As the upheaval in US cities over the police killing of George Floyd, a black man, in late May, spread across the world, even to Port of Spain – Nneka Jones, a young Trinidadian artist, looked on.

It would fall upon her to help TIME magazine tell the story of the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter Movement, fuelled by the outrage over the final eight minutes, 46 seconds of Floyd's life, in its August edition: The New American Revolution.

Ushering a New Wave of Green in the Consumer Economy

Vandana Mangroo never set out to build a business. Instead, this dynamic, young entrepreneur was looking at a way to improve the environment around her, having grown up in south Trinidad with a love for the outdoors.

With thousands of single-use plastic and food containers improperly disposed of daily in T&T, she sought out alternative products as a viable alternative to traditional food packaging and has since made immense strides.

My Work

Since 2011, I have worked with a national newspaper & several trade publications covering 1000's of articles and profiles of business and thought leaders. 

I have also run a digital media agency specialising in content marketing since 2012 and worked with over 200+ clients in content marketing and writing.

About Me

I've written all my life. It was not till a chance encounter to interview a leading researcher and scientist that I realised I had a knack for telling other people's stories. And I fell in love with it. 

When not writing, I am creating content for clients (along with my team) in several industries daily. And when not doing any of the above I'm figuring out new ways to bio-hack to better living. 


I hold a first degree in Business Management (Honours) and a Post Graduate Diploma in International Relations (Distinction). I also hold an Associate Degree in Graphic Design. 


In terms of my writing, I have completed the British Council IELTS or International English Language Testing System (an English language proficiency test for higher education) with a score of 8.5 / 9. 

I am a part of the prestigious core of writers with #Ship30for30 (August 2022). 

I also hold multiple Google | Coursera Certifications in Digital Marketing. 

What Sets My Work Apart


It may seem out of context but this deeply personal aspect of my personality has allowed me to dive deeply and richly into other people's stories, brands, business ideas and goals like few people can. 

The Result?

Work that connects to your brand and personal identity and resonates with your intended audience. 

You can expect content that simply works. 

But the Real Question You Need Answered Is: Why Do I Need a Writer Anyway? 

Your Business is Your Business

You started your business in a core area of experience: accounting, coffee, clothing. Your time is best served when you are best serving your customers. And that's YOUR business. Your core competency is where you need to be. Working with me, where writing is MY core business means you benefit form my core competencies, while dedicating your time to yours. 

Good Content Marketing is an Art

I've spent countess hours and thousands of $ investing into making my writing stronger for founders and high growth executives like you. And what I discovered is that every kind of writing varies widely. Understanding how to write varies by client, industry, platform and more. A good writer is an investment in winning more attention, audiences and sales through smart content marketing strategies. 

Bonus: Hemingway x Vaynerchuk

I'm not just any writer - I have specialised in crafting copy for print, radio, tv, social, digital across numerous industries. I am a MARKETING writer. I understand that the goal isn't just good copy - but great customers. My goal will always align with your business and personal goals. 

Being able to rationalise writing with marketing goals is something I work between everyday. 

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